Implantologie inovativă

15 MAR. 2019 LA 14:00 UTC+02 – 16 MAR. 2019 LA 19:00 UTC+02

-what are mini-invasive techniques
-why mini-invasive techniques, advantages for patient and dentist
-how to start with mini-invasive techniques, for experts and beginners
-techniques for stabilization of implants
-clinical casesSorin Pacioga: CLINICAL CASES
-Complete re-habilitations in case of low bone density and bone deficit: thin high surface implants (foldable, Ti2)
-Complex re-habilitations: bicortical vs compressive implants
-surgical casesCalin Romulus Fodor: BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY
-Disciplines in basal implantology
-Neuro occlusal rehabilitation
-Clinical solutions to immediate loading implants difficulties
-Surgical casesMihail Staniloiu: CLINICAL CASES
-use and advantage of Ti2 screws
-complex rehabilitations(post trauma, oncology)
-Clinical casesEnrico Belotti: SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANTOLOGYTheory and technique of titanium subperiosteal 3D printing

Program, Location, fee
Bucharest, Spitalul Monza,
15.03.2019, friday, 14.00-19.00
16.03.2019, saturday, 10.00-19.00
Participation fee – 600 leiContact
Paolo Perrucchini 0725.321.509
Constantin Dobromir 0758.901.931
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