The implants of the MODUS LINE with 12 ° INTERNAL CONICAL connection are designed to guarantee stability and reliability in all clinical procedures. The conical connection with the hexagonal block  represents the most advanced technology currently available in the implant-prosthetic feld and it is able to guarantee an unprecedented stability between the implant and the abutment.
This type of coupling ensures a high mechanical resistance, comparable to a monoblock system, which leads to a total absence of micro-movements. All implants are supplied with the cover screw.
The main ADVANTAGES of the conical connection are:
• Excellent long-term tissue stability;
• Perfect internal seal that prevents bacterial infltration;
• Better distribution of the lateral loads within the implant;
• Absence of mobility of the abutment after the prosthetic treatment;
• Absence of bone resorption.


Implant made of Titanium Gr. 4 with an exceptional versatility: five diameters and multiple lengths are available to satisfy all needs of rehabilitation. It can be used for the treatment of all indications where the volume of available bone is appropriate for an implant. The cover screw is included in every implant.

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