Easy Way Bar

Easy Way Bar is the patent that revolutionizes treatment with bars on implants. The EWB kit allows making a metal structure immediately on any dental implant. The elements that compose it are adaptable and can be assembled together, so as to ensure a highly compatible and personalized artefact. The idea of EWB was created to simplify prosthetic procedures, reduce operating times and ensure high quality treatment with excellent clinical and aesthetic results.The EWB projectis the result of a team of technicians with decades of experience in the dental field and numerous clinical trials. Studies on over 100 patients demonstrate greater resistance than bars fused in laboratory.

Versatility with any type of implant

EWB is suitable for all types of dental implants and is ideal for all types of treatment.

Reduction of time
The bar is assembled in a few minutes. Time is reduced by 70-80%.

Lower costs
The operational time reduction allows considerable economic savings thanks to modular elements

Chair-side and Lab-side realization
The bar can be made both in the dental clinic and in the laboratory, without the need of any fusion or scanning.

Precision of the connections
The traditional fusion processes in the laboratory have an error margin (impression, scan, fusion). By eliminating these steps accuracy becomes an absolute guarantee.

Long-term success
The high precision and adaptability of EWB elements minimize loads and bone loss, ensuring an effective and lasting treatment

The EWB kit consists of HIGHLY

BIOCOMPATIBLE AND ROBUST MATERIALS. Each element is made of titanium grade 5.
• The kit is modular and allows maximum flexibility,
• High precision and adaptability of the EWB elements,
• Ideal for any space and type of treatment: Immediate and deferred loading,
• The EWB bar can be supported by 2 or more implants,
• No advance planning required,
• The arched morphology follows the anatomy of the jaw,
• Space saving and maximum customization


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