T MONO is the implant line designed to meet the needs of all professionals who are looking for an implant with classic design, that associates the convenience of a one-piece “fold and cut” implant with a choice of abutments. The thin body and the very high surface of spirals make it ideal for immediate load with trabecular bone, even in case of very low density. The one-piece construction of T MONO implant ensures robustness and ease of use without damage, even in the most difficult cases, allowing to achieve definitive prosthesis in short time and with the utmost precision.
Even the well-known problem of parallelization of the abutments is brilliantly solved by T MONO implants; in fact, the surgical kit includes a handy tool that allows bending
the emerging part of the implant easily and without risks, without the typical constraints of angled abutments normally used with biphasic systems.
With T MONO line in prosthetic rehabilitation of complete arches we can easly create a istantaneous bar to block the implants and support the overdenture for immediate loading:
titanium bar by intra-oral welding, oral-formed fiberreinforced acrilic bar. Cementable titanium and castable abutments are available for the prosthetization of the individual components. The particular conformation of abutments also makes them ideal for the healing of tissues, conferring to the same the correct conformation for the assembly of the final prosthesis.
The surgery is simple and mini-invasive (usually flapless):
– preparation with and endodontic drill d 1.2
– calibration with a drill d 2.0 (manual)
– tapping with specific tapers
– insertion (manual)hole, especially in compact bone.


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